Kverneland Plough Range For Sale

On-land & In-furrow. New Generation of Ploughs. maximise output and ploughing performance with Kverneland’s range of ‘Market Leading’ Ploughs.



J Wood & Son are main dealers for the Kverneland range of equipment.

Below is the range of plough’s offered by Kverneland currently.

Please take a look at the range and feel free to contact one of our agricultural sales team for price and availabilty. We also hold a range of spare parts and also have engineers ready to support you should you require any assistance either in our workshop, or in the field!


Mounted Conventional Ploughs

Kverneland AB and AD

Strong and efficient

2 – 6 Furrows

Mounted Reversible Ploughs

Kverneland 3400 S

On-land & In-furrow
New Generation of Ploughs

maximise output and ploughing performance

5 – 7 furrows

Kverneland 3300 S

Designed for modern farming and bigger tractors
New Generation of Ploughs

4 – 6 furrows

Kverneland 2500 i-Plough

ISOBUS ploughs for any conditions
New Generation of Ploughs

4 – 6 Furrows

Kverneland 2300 S

Designed for modern farming
New Generation of Ploughs

3 – 5 furrows

Kverneland EO – LO

High performance plough

On-land & In-furrow

4 – 7 furrows

Kverneland EG – LB

Save Time, Fuel and Money

3 – 6 furrows

Kverneland ES – LS

Easily adaptable to different soils and tractors

3 – 6 Furrows

Kverneland ED – LD

Superb strength to weight ratio

2 – 6 Furrows

Kverneland 150 S Variomat

Light to medium soils, stony conditions

3 – 5 Furrows

Kverneland 150 B Variomat

Light to medium soils without stones

3 – 5 Furrows

Kverneland 150 S

Ideal choice for stony soils conditions!

3 – 5 Furrows

Kverneland 150 B

The perfect choice for light to medium soils without stones

3 – 5 furrows

Semi-Mounted Reversible Ploughs

Kverneland 6300 S

New Generation of Ploughs

Versatile plough for high output performance

5 – 8 Furrows

Kverneland PN – RN

Cost efficient, easy to adjust and to maintain

In-Furrow & On-Land

5 – 9 Furrows

Kverneland PB

versatile plough for high output performance

4 – 8 Furrows

Kverneland PG – RG

for easy ploughing right out to the edge

5 – 8 furrows

Kverneland PW – RW

Efficient, flexible, easy to operate

“3 ploughs in 1” for high capacity ploughing

In-Furrow & On-Land

7 – 12 furrows

A Kverneland plough is a peace mind!

For more information regarding the Plough range please see Kverneland

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