Alvan Blanch Animal Feed M90 Meal Batch Mixers For Sale

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Meal Batch Mixers

The design of the Alvan Blanch inclined bed batch mixer has a proven market leading design.


Alvan Blanch Animal Feed M90 Meal Batch Mixers For Sale

Key Features

  • Handles most materials
  • Simple, convenient operation
  • Quick batch turnaround
  • Compact, low profile design
  • Low maintenance – in built reliability
  • Extra robust construction for longer life
  • Gentle action – avoids damage to product
  • Homogeneous mixing – no product separation


The Alvan Blanch Mixer is ideal for blending a wide range of dry products of varying densities, meal, rolled grain, cake, pellets, dried beet pulp, vitamin/mineral premix and proportions of moist products such as brewers grains. Liquid molasses may also be introduced in ratios of up to 10% , if evenly applied. Combines Mill / Mixer:Mixers may be supplied with roller or hammermill mounted on to, so that the processed material discharges directly into them. Reserve Hoppers:Mixers can be used as self emptying reserve hoppers, particularly for non free flowing materials. Industrial Products: Such as granular or powdered plastics may be handled by these Mixers,which can be specially modified to suit the commodity. (Go to Compost Mixers).


The shell of the Mixer is robustly constructed in heavy gauge steel.The high breaking strain roller chain and slat conveyor runs on cast sprockets mounted on shafts with sealed bearings.The top of the Mixer is removable for access.A safety switch ensures that current can be isolated from the motor. Rear feed hopper is fitted with a safety grid and hinged top to retain dust.


The gentle but rapid action from the slow moving conveyor draws the material up the inclined base of the Mixer towards a segmented agitator (giving lateral movement) after passing which, the material tumbles backwards. Additives are introduced via the low level intake hopper with main product into the top of the Mixer. Batch mixing time varies according to ratio ranging from five to ten minutes.Unlike with vertical mixers, there is no chance of separation occurring during extended mixing time or unloading. Mixed product is discharged from the slide operated spouts.

Model: M90 Meal Mixer Cut Out Illustration

Optional Equipment

Level Control: for combined Roller/Mixer units, to reduce breakage of rolled material during filling. Mixer only runs on signal from level switch to clear material from mill outlet.

Outlets: strap type bag holders, bulk discharge arrangements.

Molasses: perforated spray bar for liquid or complete preheating and compressor driven injection system of high viscosity molasses.

Pre-wiring: at factory for Mixers and combined Mill/Mix units with Control Panels.

Dust Control: on station extraction with canopies etc.

In Stock

Models Batch Volume (1) Batch Weight (2) Batch Weight (3) Drive (4)
m3 ft3 Kg Kg kW hp
M45 1.28 45 503 694 1.1 15
M65 1.84 65 727 1003 1.5 2
M90 2.55 90 1006 1388 2.2 3
M150 4.24 150 1677 2314 4.0 5.5
M230 6.50 230 2571 3550 5.5 10

(1)  Batch volume relates to maximum usable space in the Mixer.
(2)  Approximate batch weight with rolled grain as main ingredient @ 395kg/m3
(3)  Approximate batch weight with ground grain as main ingredient @ 545kg/m3
(4)  Drive – high speed models with increased horsepower requirements are available for continuous batch mixing applications. 

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